Thursday, May 29, 2008

Hi Wheatsville friends!

I hope you are enjoying our summer weather! We went to the lake this past weekend and it was a real delight! I recommend it.

Here's what you can read below!
End of May, start of June
Produce Delight Time
Gluten Free Beer?!?
Deli, Meat and Cheese have what you want
Coffee with the board
Expansion update
Farm Family Benefit reminder!
and, if you're good, we've got some awesome recipes at the end!

End of month stuff!
If you've still got the Co-op Advantage Coupon books in your possession, this weekend is the last chance to use them. They expire at 11pm on Saturday May 31st. So come on in and use them up!

It's also the last week for Co-op Advantage May monthly specials. So, if there is a favorite item of yours on sale at the moment, stock up now!

Don't worry, we'll have a whole new batch of specials up for June!

Stone Fruit Deliciousness!!
If you haven't tried any of this years Texas Hill Country peaches, then you are really missing out! I suggest you eat one right now. Currently in produce we have a nice variety of stone fruits for so early in the season. Come by and get some organic apricots, organic peaches, and organic white peaches!
This years berries have almost been as good as the Hill Country Peaches, which is a huge compliment. We currently have organic strawberries, organic blackberries, and organic raspberries. We also have some conventional blueberries that are grown in Texas.
We have organic watermelons! They taste like candy, and are a great price ($6.59) for their size. We also currently have both organic cantaloupes and honeydews. They are both delicious, and nicely sized.
Eat Local!
We continue to try and offer a great selection of locally produced produce. We currently are featuring organic golden zucchini, zucchini, yellow squash, napa cabbage, daikon, beets, curly kale, bunched basil, cucumbers, and green cabbage from our friends up at Buena Tierra farms in Fredonia. The organic green beans from Tecolote farms look perfect and were picked yesterday! Look out for local heirloom tomatoes coming later in the week from Green Gate Farms out east on MLK, and some local organic blackberries! And don't forget about the peaches!!!

Beer words straight from the mouths of customers!
We found this wonderful praise online (thanks Google!)
"Wish granted!Tonight I found Green's Quest Tripel Blonde Ale at the Wheatsville Coop. It's a gluten-free beer and described as a tripel which made me giddy with excitement. After tasting it, I was even happier."
This happy customer discovered a new offering: a delicious Belgian tripel that's gluten-free!

Fresh in the Deli!
Beat the heat!
Come to the Wheatsville Deli for a sample of Cold Berry Soup, made with fresh red, ripe strawberries and White Mountain organic yogurt!
And as peach season begins, come in this week for your last chance at our May smoothie of the month, Just Peachy, with cobbler-esque hints of vanilla and cinnamon!
Or forego the fruit for our other cold drinks, the eye-opening Iced Coffee Toddy, sweetly strong Ginger Limeade or refreshing Hibiscus Mint Iced Tea.

The deli cooks so you don't have to!
In the full-serve deli case find: Seared ahi tuna steaks, Hot Wings made with Buddy's all-natural chicken, and Loncito's Lamb Meatballs are currently sharing the case with Popcorn and Southern Fried Tofu, Raw Tuscan Kale and Parmesan Salad, and a beautiful, sweet slaw made from simple raw veggies, Lively Beets and Carrots, among other goodies! Come on in and try some!
Cheese land
Our Cheese Department has lots of cheesy add-ons for your for springtime BBQ's, such as tasty sliced American and Swiss cheeses. Kick it up a little by going for an easy gourmet snack with some crackers and wine, featuring Full Quiver cheese spread or Pureluck Chevre
This week in the meat department:
Try some local chicken!!!!!
There are a lot of good reasons to support Buddy's Natural chicken. Not only is it locally raised in Gonzalas Texas, it is also free from both antibiotic & hormones. And these chickens are cage free and have access to the outdoors.
  • Buddy's Natural Breast regular 6.49 lb now 6.29 lb.
  • Buddy's Natural premium Leg Quarters regular price 1.99 lb now 1.79 lb.

Coffee with the board
Saturday June 7th from 10-12- try some deli iced coffee at this one!

Expansion update!
Thanks for your patience as we continue to work on the parking lot aspects of the project. Remember, there is more parking in back after 5pm and on weekends. You can even park in the small fenced in area directly behind Wheatsville next to the bus stop if no one else is there. It really is easier to park in thr morning before 11am or so and after 8pm. If you can redirect anyh of your shopping, it might make it a more pleasant shopping trip for you.
We're making good progress on the conversion from former InStep building to new offices and meeting room space. We are looking forward to that for sure! We exepct to see the retaining wall taking shape in the next week or two.

Help out our friends at Hairston Creek Farm this THURSDAY MAY 29th!

Carol Ann of Boggy Creek Farm writes so nicely and has included this about the challenges facing our friends at Hairston Creek Farms and something that you can do about it!

"The community comes together in trying times, and now -- especially now -- a certain farm family needs its friends, its customers, and those who care about the local food supply to rally around. Sarah Rowland, co-farmer of Hairston Creek Organic Farm near Burnet has been diagnosed with an extremely aggressive cancer. Although the family has insurance, we all know that, in the details, a policy is never sufficient. And, when facing possibly the greatest calamity one can face, emotional support, as well as financial help, is surely needed.

Thus, in an age-old tradition, we are joining together to aid the Rowlands with both love, and financial support. Sarah and Gary Rowland are pioneers in the local food movement, beginning their farm in 1990. For all these years, they have grown nutritious food, with integrity and dedication, and provided it to consumers in the Austin area as well as in Burnet County. Sarah is a pillar in the Sunset Valley Farmers Market, helping to guide it to success with direction and faithful attendance for many years.

A fundraiser is planned for May 29, Thursday at 7 PM, at the sublimely beautiful Barr Mansion's Artisan Ballroom (map). Chefs are always gracious at these times and many will prepare delicious tastings from food donated by area farmers, ranchers and producers. A silent auction will feature restaurant suppers, gift certificates, artisan crafts and works of art, etc. Suggested minimum donation at the door, or in advance at area farmers' markets and at BCF, is $20. Greater generosity is of course encouraged. For more information and to make donations via credit cards, visit To send checks directly to the Rowlands, their address is
Hairston Creek Farm, 4300 Co Road 335, Burnet, Texas 78611.... Thank you in advance."

Awesome recipes!
Wheatsville Owner Robbie Nelson has been kind enough to share some of his favorite recipes with us. Here are two. If you like them, I have a few more that i can share in the coming weeks!

Sizzlin' Veggie Fajitas
1 package White Mountain Wheat Roast
½ small green bell pepper
½ small red bell pepper
1 small onion
1 small zucchini squash
1 jalapeno or poblano pepper (optional)
1 TBLS olive or canola oil
2 cloves garlic, minced
1 TBLS chili powder
Juice of one large lime
1 avocado, sliced
Sour cream (optional)
Your favorite Wheatsville hot sauce (mine is the Salsa Casera!)
Flour tortillas
- Slice wheat roast into ¼" slices, then slice again to make ¼" x ¼" strips.
- Clean seeds & membranes from green and red peppers. Cut into ¼" strips.
- Slice onion in half and then slice each half into ¼" slices.
- Remove stem from zucchini. Cut in half crossways, then cut each half into ¼" x ¼" strips.
- If using hot peppers, remove seeds and slice into thin strips.
- Heat oil in heavy steel or cast iron skillet until hot. Add wheat roast and vegetables. Cook, stirring often, about 3-5 minutes. Veggies should be cooked through but not overcooked.
- Add garlic and chili powder, stir to coat veggies and wheat roast.
- Add lime juice to skillet mixture, watch out for sizzle! Stir lightly and serve immediately.
Serve on warm tortillas with avocado slices and your favorite Wheatsville salsa. Sour cream is a nice touch to offset the lime & chili flavor, but not necessary.

"Shaggy's" Cole Slaw
I used to love the old Shaggy's restaurant on South Congress. It closed a number of years ago, but I tried to come up with a recipe that reproduced their delicious cole slaw. This one is pretty close.
½ small green cabbage, inner core and tough part of leaves removed, sliced very thin
½ cup sliced almonds, toasted
1 bunch green onions including green parts, sliced
1/2 package plain Chinese thin noodles (wheat, not rice), crushed into smaller pieces (put noodles in a plastic bag and crush a few times with your hands)
2 TBLS sweetened rice wine vinegar
¼ cup sesame, canola, or other mild vegetable oil
6 drops toasted sesame oil
Mix first four ingredients in large bowl.
Whisk together vinegar and oils. Immediately pour over vegetable/noodle mixture.
Toss to coat, let sit at room temperature 5-10 minutes and then serve.
This dish is best served within 30 minutes of preparation. The noodles should still be slightly crunchy. It can be stored in the 'fridge for up to 6 hours but the noodles and cabbage will become soft.

Have a great week!
Dan Gillotte Wheatsville GM and e-mail guy

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