Thursday, March 04, 2004

Wheatsville welcomes Spring with the annual Wheatsville Herb Fair
Saturday March 13th from 10am-5pm
Growers from all over the state offer a variety of Herbs, flowers, Garden plants, native plants, vegetable starts, Bird houses and baths and more!
We have 3 great guest experts:
11am-Noon Ellen Zimmerman will speak about Herbal First Ad Kits
2-3pm Valerie Craft will teach us about Enzyme Therapy
3-4pm Kara Kroeger will tell us all about Aromatic medicine: Using essential oils for healing
Since it's a Wheatsville event, we also have great music for young and old!
10-11am The Telephone Company will be bringing their silly and joyful antics to our stage for a Children's hour (for kids of all ages, of course!)
12:30-1:30 Kamin and Geraci will play
4-5pm Ebb and Flo rounds out our Herb Fair day.
For more info please contact Judith Craft 478-2667

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