Wednesday, March 13, 2013

New at Wheatsville

Miss using bacon in sandwiches and other recipes? Phoney Baloney's Coconut Bacon makes a wonderful cholesterol-free, salty snack straight from the bag! These shavings of dried organic coconut meat seasoned with tamari, natural liquid smoke, maple syrup, sea salt, pepper, and spices come as close to approximating the real thing as any fakin' bacon we've tasted yet. Use in BLT's, fold into tofu scrambles, top pizza, sprinkle on doughnuts... wherever you're craving that smoky, salty accent. To crisp the bacon a little, warm in the oven on a baking sheet at 250° for a couple minutes, watching closely to avoid burning. Vegan and gluten free; do not refrigerate or freeze.
3.5oz, Reg. $5.49


Keeley Tillotson, 19, and Erika Welsh, 20, were University of Oregon sophomores when they made their first batch of homemade peanut butter. After running out of their last jar of store bought peanut butter (and dreading a trip to the grocery store in an Oregon downpour), the two began to experiment, adding chocolate, cinnamon, coconut and other delicious ingredients to their own homemade peanut butter. They first sold at farmers markets and in small craft fairs; now, little more than a year and a successful Kickstarter campaign later, Wild Squirrel Nut Butter is sold in more than 150 stores. Wheatsville now carries Wild Squirrel's Nut Butter Packets (single serve portions); look for the jarred flavors soon to follow!
1.15oz, Reg. $1.29


Beneath the tough, leathery skin of a pomegranate are hundreds of jewel-like edible seeds encased in sweet, juicy pulp. Pomegranate seeds (also known as arils) are an excellent source of dietary fiber and vitamin C; the antioxidant content of pomegranate juice is greater even than that of red wine! Extracting these juicy red seeds can be a tricky task, fraught with lost juice and fingers stained purple for days. New from Woodstock Farms, these certified organic, Non-GMO Project Verified frozen pomegranate kernels eliminate the fuss and are an easy addition to salads, pilafs, and desserts. We especially love this recipe from theKitchn for a Persian/Turkish-inspired Pomegranate Green Olive Relish with pistachios and mint!
8oz, Reg. $5.99

The creamy taste of Nutiva's cold-pressed Extra Virgin Organic Coconut Oil is great for frying and baking, enhancing your favorite recipes, and is fantastic for body care. There is simply no comparison between Nutiva's coconut oil, with its light taste, pleasant aroma, and pure white color, and industrialized coconut oil, with its bland taste, faint aroma, and off-white color. Never refined, deodorized, bleached or extracted with hexane, Nutiva's coconut oil is also Non-GMO Project Verified. Tiny brown specks found at the bottom of the jar are from the coconut fiber and are indigenous to extra-virgin coconut oil.
15oz, Reg. $10.99; 23oz, Reg. $13.99

Wednesday, March 06, 2013

New at Wheatsville

Kimchi is one of the hottest food trends today and it’s easy to see why. With a complex flavor, a variety of uses and an all-star nutritional scorecard, kimchi seems to have it all. Kimchi is a traditional Korean dish made with vegetables, garlic, ginger, chili peppers, and salt. The mix is pickled and fermented, originally as a way to preserve the vegetables for the winter months. Because kimchi is a fermented dish, it has a prominent sour flavor: lactic acid produced by bacteria during fermentation lends a tangy, pungent flavor similar to that of sauerkraut. Food Should Taste Good's new Kimchi Tortilla Chip nails this distinctive flavor spot-on; the spicy, tangy flavors come alive with cabbage, red bell peppers and vinegar. 

With a brand name that says it all, Food Should Taste Good chips are made from the highest quality, all-natural ingredients. All chip varieties are gluten free, cholesterol free, have no trans fats and do not use genetically modified ingredients (GMOs). They are also certified Kosher, low in sodium, are a good source of dietary fiber and many varieties are certified vegan. 5.5oz, Reg. $3.29


Sweet rice, also known as glutinous rice (a reference to its high-starch consistency, not containing gluten), is a short grain sticky rice. This variety of rice is an excellent thickener in sauces and binding agent in baking, especially since it remains stable in the refrigerator and freezer. Sweet Rice Flour is gaining popularity in gluten-free baking, as this fine white flour becomes an elastic-like dough which is ideal for making pastries and desserts.  
20oz, Reg. $4.39


Rich, chocolate love– in the form of a Brownie Cake! These little brownies are gluten free, vegan and Non-GMO verified. Serve them on an elegant plate or enjoy them straight from the package! For kids, add a candle and you’re ready for a birthday celebration!
8.2oz, Reg. $5.49

Shady Maple Farms Smart-Sak Organic Grade B Maple Syrup
Shady Maple Farms Organic Maple Syrup is produced by Citadelle, a 2,000-member cooperative that collects sap from over 7 million maple trees across Canada and is the world's largest supplier of 100% pure maple syrup. Unlike many syrups and sugars, maple syrup is all natural and completely unrefined, retaining the sap's essential vitamins and nutrients. Shady Maple Farms' new stand-up pouch packaging features a no-drip pour spout, for a lightweight, no mess treat.
16.9oz, Reg. $14.99

Wednesday, February 27, 2013

New at Wheatsville

Gardein (“garden” + “protein”) is a line of healthy and delicious plant-based foods slow cooked to have the authentic taste and texture of premium lean meat. Made from a savory blend of vegetables, grains and plant-based proteins including pea, wheat and soy, Gardein is free of cholesterol and trans fats and the majority of products provide a good source of fiber and are low in fat. Gardein's plant-based foods offer a good source of vegetable protein and all the health benefits of eating less animal-based protein without sacrificing the texture and taste that many people crave. 9-10.5oz, Reg. $4.69-4.99

Chapul has a simple goal: to build a more sustainable future by introducing incredibly efficient insect protein in a delicious, organic product... tasty Chapul bars. Delicious and all-natural, Chapul bars are made with protein from crickets, one of the planet's most amazing, energy-efficient creatures. No soy, no dairy-- just an innovative flour inspired by native techniques used for centuries in the American Southwest and Mexico, where insects have historically formed part of a healthy diet. The Chapul crew believes passionately in sustainable use of precious water resources. Since agriculture absorbs 92% of all freshwater consumed globally, the company believes change starts with what we eat. Chapul also donates 10% of all profits to water conservation projects. 

The Chaco Bar is inspired by one of the great pre-Columbian civilizations of the American Southwest. The Chaco peoples lived in and around the high plateau of Northwestern New Mexico for roughly 300 years, and their survival in such an arid region is attributable in large part to incredibly efficient agricultural practices. They grew corn, beans and squash... all while living in the high desert. Some of their great buildings– one of which was the largest dwelling in North America until the late 1800s– can still be visited today. The tasty Chaco Bar combines dates, peanuts and dark chocolate, with a touch of agave nectar to tempt your sweet tooth. And of course, energy and protein from crickets! 1.8oz, Reg. $3.39


LÄRABARs are delicious blends of unsweetened fruits, nuts and spices. Made from whole foods, each flavor contains no more than nine ingredients-- they're pure and simple, just as nature intended. New LÄRABAR ALT bars are substantial enough to stand in for a meal, packing 10 grams of protein per bar (versus an average of 5 grams per bar for the remainder of the LÄRABAR line). Pea protein, valued for its high digestibility (90-95%) and low potential for allergic response, is paired with rice protein to achieve a superior amino acid profile than either protein alone. Gluten free, dairy free, and non-GMO.
1.77-1.95oz, Reg. $1.89

Fresh in the Deli

Wow, it’s getting hot out there!
So come on in, cool off, and hydrate yourself with a cold Deli drink! Our Grab’n’Go Icebox in front of the Deli Counter is filled with our tasty, icy beverages for you to grab-n-gulp with no wait! You will likely find our infamously eye-opening Iced Coffee Toddy, our sweet and fruity Gingerade, our simply sweetened Agave Lemonade and our delightfully pink and refreshing Hibiscus Mint Iced Tea! Also making its seasonal return is our lean, green Cucumber Agua Fresca! The Cuke Fresca is deceptively simple – cucumber, water, fresh lime juice and organic raw agave syrup are blended together into a chilled masterpiece of thirst-quenching bliss, so c’mon in and try this delicious and good-for-you drink!

Our delicious, seasonal drinks are also available from our Deli Counter to get you in the springtime spirit! Looking for a caffeinated pick-me-up? Sidle up to our organic, fair-trade espresso bar for an Irish Cream Latte, subtly flavored with a shot of alcohol-free Irish Cream syrup and blended to perfection with your choice of milk – cow, soy, rice, coconut or almond! Or maybe you’d prefer our Honey Nut Latte! This sweet treat blends our espresso with hazelnut syrup, local Goodflow honey, cinnamon and your choice of milk to make one fantastic cuppa Joe – get it hot or iced! Our Vanilla Iced Coffee Toddy puts a spin on our cold-brewed best-seller, adding a touch of warm vanilla syrup to this caffeinated classic! Looking to lose the caffeine? Try a cup of our fantastic Hibiscus Lemonade, a pretty and delightful split of our Hibiscus Mint Tea and Agave Lemonade! Bottoms up!
Save a dollar on a Garden Bagel! Your favorite RockStar bagel is toasted, spread with cream cheese & topped with sliced cucumbers, tomatoes & red onions by our Deli staff, just $2.99, reg. $3.99! The Garden Bagel is perfect for a light but filling breakfast or lunch!

Another great sale for spring is the Deli’s very own Strawberry Peach Drinkable Yogurt, on sale for $4.99, reg $5.99. Local White Mountain non-fat plain yogurt blended with peaches and strawberries and sweetened with a touch of raw, agave nectar. This good for you drink is perfect as a meal starter or can stand alone!

Our new Fresh in the Deli recipe this month is Broccoli and Tempeh Szechwaun. Co-ops chefs from around the country share their favorite seasonal recipe with your local co-op for this regular feature. This recipe comes to us from Food Front Cooperative Grocery in Portland, Oregon. You can check their co-op here: . This dish features bite-sized chunks of local tempeh, which is marinated and roasted and combined with an assortment of fresh raw veggies.

Our new Featured Salsa, Poblano Salsa, is spicy, tangy and delicious! This is a real favorite with great flavor and is fabulous with just a bowlful of staff-favorite El Milagro corn chips for dippin’. Try some of this emerald delight on your taco or order of $1.99 Brown Rice and Black Beans today!

Also this month, our Featured Smoothie is the Shamrock Smoothie; Apples and peaches, sweetened with apple juice and then topped off with a healthy dose of fresh spinach makes this smoothie a real treat!

On sale at the Deli Counter through the end of March are tasty cold cuts, sliced to order: Boar’s Head Honey Maple Ham at $8.49/lb, reg. $8.99 and Pepperjack Cheese, $6.19/lb, reg. $7.19! C’mon in and stock up on your lunchbox staples!  These are perfectly paired as a hot Panini style sandwich – just add spinach and sautéed onions.

Our talented bakers have been baking cookies all day and delivering them fresh to our bakery case. Our Chocolate Chip and Cashew butter Cookies are so good that vegans and non-vegans alike love them. Black Forest Cookies are chewy and crispy at the same time and packed with chocolate chunks and tart dried organic cherries. They are amazing!

We are setting the shelves with warm LaBrea artisan breads ready to you to grab-n-go at 5:00pm. Swing by after work and pick up a warm loaf of bread. The Demi Sourdough Baguette is sized for sharing. Sometimes getting a whole baguette is just too much, this Demi Baguette lets you enjoy a baguette without the guilt of the leftovers going to waste.